Essentials Blue Week 5 – A Brief Theology Of Worship Leadership

Moved by my current situation, this short lines can become a healing path to find my own way to answer my call for a real worship life, and then off course to lead others into it. It is common for us to use the word “worship”, but let’s just think about it for a moment.

The idea of many people is to associate the word “worship” to raise their hands, or get into their churches every Sunday to dance and sing. But worship transcends that. It is more than music or hand clapping. It is more than just sing our favorite songs with our friends at church, or to follow a charismatic leader every Sunday.

Worship has two basic concepts involved:

1. Sacrifice: It is a sacrifice, because we have to pay the price for that. Sometimes it is very hard to confess God as our Lord, when everything seems to be out of control, or when we don’t have food on our table, but as we can see in Psalm 51:17; we can bring to God a broken heart and it is enough sacrifice for Him. Or in Hebrews 13:16, the author says “sacrifice of praise” and we can just stop there and think about all this music thing and be happy with that, but if we keep reading the next verse reminds us to do good to others as the complement of the offering to God.

2. To live a life for God (for real): Jesus is expecting from us more than a “Lord Lord” thing or a once a week relationship, you can see it in Mathew 7: 21-27, when Jesus asks for living a real life according to His Father’s rules. The word “worship”, comes from Greek: “proskuneo”; which means: “to kiss toward”, and Hebrew “shachah” which means: “to bow dow”.

So, with that in mind, we can build a personal definition of worship. Let’s take John’s verses where he defines it as a spiritual thing (John 4:23-24). It is centered on God, and it has no special or magical elements, just to come and bow down to kiss God, and recognizing Him as our Lord, with a humbly attitude giving Him praise. It is a lovely and truly humiliation towards the throne of our King and with us declaring: “I love You because You are my only God and my heart is yours only”.

Well, it is not so bad to make the common connection between worship (the real one) and music/art, but it is necessary to consider one as just a vehicle of the other. They are means to reach an end but not an end by themselves. Music or creativity are just tools to transport the message of the true adoration to our King. But sometimes we just try hard to make good songs with cool rhythms and catchy chords, but we tend to forget the content, the message that is contained on, and we care more to make “commercial hits” instead of express our hearts and our humiliation. We shall never forget this. In the moment we do so, we become into mere artists looking for success.

Once we can understand the correct use of music and art as a mechanism to spread the example of a real worship life to others, and we learn how to express ourselves within the vehicle of music, we can take this message to the whole world. The music/art is able to reach places we can’t. There are many stories of people accepting Jesus as their Savior just for the lyrics in a song. The transmission of the music by T.V., radio or internet, allows all of us to cover the Earth quickly and easy with this message, and the power of it is amazing.

We can use media to teach others to improve their lives into living sacrifices for the glory of God, and this is a chain reaction. What they learn is what they will teach, then they will be able to reach more places and more people. It is transcending denominations, and borders. It is passing over political rules of banning or discrimination. We are in the days when it is possible to fill the Earth with the Gospel, as Jesus said (Mark 15:16) and the end of the concern of the Romans 10:14-15 seems to be coming to an end.

I’m so thankful because now I understand this. I was on the wrong direction for many years, and now I can rectify my collision course. So now I’m able to live a real worship life, where God is the centre; with me recognizing my mistakes and His superiority. With this clear, I will fight everyday to remain into His rules, and making my best to declare His love and mercy during the hard times. It is a continuous journey, and along that journey we will meet others and the reflection of the Image of God within us will be more visible to them, instead of our image.

This is what I understand of lead other to worship; just presenting our lives as open books to others so they can see our lives in real connection with God. To lead others is a huge responsibility, and if we are looking in the wrong direction it can be a mess. We can’t cheat God. We can cheat ourselves, and maybe others, but if we play with this we can send people to wrong destinations. We have to take care of our lives and be continuously cleaning ourselves, through the confession of our sins and mistakes so we can get forgiveness. This is not an option, and it is the only way to lead others to bow down with humbleness at the Throne of our God, and to live their lives the Glory of God. Otherwise we are just liars, as I was for many years.


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