Essentials Week 4 – A Christian Worldview

As far as I now, every single person in this world has a unique and common question that defines the path of their lives: Why am I here? This question leads us into a quest for finding out who made us? Who placed our seed over this Earth? And then, obviously: What makes me be what I am? This desire of knowledge is what makes us different from all other species in the world.

For all of you out there it might be weird to hear (read) about this coming from me, considering the fact that it is possible that we have never met each other, and that we may know different paths to reach the answers for those questions, but, the most important thing to understand prior to try to get the answers is to accept WE are not mistakes. We are not a cosmic err of some superior entity, or the vestiges of a lost civilization. WE are the present; WE are the right now; and WE can change our “flight plan” whenever it is necessary, because the only certain thing in this life is that we SHALL die. In the acceptance of that lies the necessary humbleness to understand the answers of the essential questions we all have.

For the first essential question, about the purpose of our lives, there are many books and theories about that topic, but the answer is very simple if we look at the lives of others, the answer seems to pop out right into our eyes: Pain, despair, angry, hunger, and many more situations affecting our community which is our little world. Let me tell you: what are you doing to change that? Can you change that? Have you ever stopped for a moment just to say: What can I do for you, to a complete stranger? Have you ever forgiven anyone who harmed you? Or have you stopped the car on the side of the road to speak with the little child selling candies or stickers under the light? Or are you just a passerby? If you are as I was on the observers group, well, this is the moment for taking serious actions to change the purpose of your life. You will never find the answer for your life-purpose listening to the rich men on a seminary, or watching the T.V. at your house’s couch. You need to get out to the real world to find your place in life: as an observer or as a lead role actor, it is your decision.

The second group of questions about who is our maker might sound contradictory if we focus our attention only over the problems of the world, because you can say: the one that left us here is the same that is keeping us surrounded by pain.

And if you still haven’t found your place in life you must think you’re only part of the problem, but once you understand the meaning of love, compassion and forgiveness, you will be taken to a journey to discover the author of those values, and my friend, let me tell you, there is a infinite source of love, mercy and forgiveness. And it can be discovered by anyone, without a magical or mystical way, no strings attached, only one condition: to open our hearts allowing this powerful force to enter. This “who” has a personality, a nature, and off course a name: “God”.

I could fill this page with many bible references, but if you have never read the book, every reference will have no meaning to you. But what I can tell you is that this God I am talking about will never punish you, and He will never let you down. He is always there just waiting for us to say: “here I am, but, who are You?” And He always answers our questions. Sometimes it can take time, but it will come. He made us, he gave us the opportunity to change our lives, but also the lives of others by giving them happiness, true happiness, helping them, spending time with them, listening to them, or just being there for them. And all of this is just a image of what He does for all of us. We are just repeating patterns, good patterns.

And no matter what happens tomorrow, that only God knows, WE can change the end of the book of our lives. There is no written end for us, at least not for the people that understand their role in this world. WE can also change the apparent destiny of the people that surrounds us. Please don’t be just a passerby. Act now. Find your purpose in life. Help is what matters. God is constantly remaining how much he loves us, by taking care of us; or why do you think you are in a better place than many people on the street? Or how does the food you’ve just eaten come to your table? Or who gave you strength to wake up from bed this morning?

Please love, and once you’ve loved, please love again. This will bring a real sense into your life, and true happiness. And you will be closer to God as you have never been before. Then, please, read the book, because God speaks to us through this amazing book, giving us a new message every time we read it.

God gives us a new beginning every day. His mercy is renewed like the sun every morning, and His love will last forever. You can find whatever you need about God in the book, and if you cannot understand it, please contact a friend, a neighbor or family member that can help you to understand. And if you still have doubts, please contact your nearest pastor or leader and I’m sure they will be glad to help you. I will be here also if you want to contact me.

My friend, God is with you, please allow Him to enter into your heart.


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