Part A: Bishop Wright makes a conciliation on the vision of the Kingdom of God that Jesus is preaching on the main four gospels, but with the complimentary works of St. Paul, so we can understand the whole idea of this process that is been taking place among us and that will be perfect when Jesus Christ and us His bride get together.
My initial understanding on this was more oriented into a wrong conception of a Kingdom already completed among us; but with the comprehension of the Wright’s theological conciliation I understand this as a continuous process and that we are a part of that, with specific goals to accomplish in this world as long as we live.
St. Paul takes us into a more deep but comprehensible approach on Christ’s teachings, picking up the pieces and taking them into place in this puzzle of the whole idea of God and His works.

Part B: I must say I’m tracing a circle in my mind to connect dots over the concepts of: Creator, King, Trinity and Savior. Let me explain a little: in the beginning God took us from scratch and with His own hands he made the universe, the earth and us. First, he gave all to us, but we just threw it away. Then for our sins we lose paradise, and we began suffering as we can read on Genesis. But them God forgives us (after erase almost all of us with the flood) and he gave us a new beginning, then we just blew it away once again, and he sent us (gave us) His son, then left His Spirit among us. And as we reach the end of times, I believe one day every creature and tongue will declare God as King.

Here is where the circle is closed. And that’s why I think we cannot take only a part of the Nature of God as our banner. We shall remember every single aspect of Him, and also accomplish our goals on this earth helping others to get into relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And this may last forever not just 15 or 20 years. We will be praising and worshipping God for ever.
The old times Christian’s Songbook was filled with beatufiul hymns with very descriptive lyrics, and every song was a accurate (and elaborate) application of the Bible’s principles and truths to the time they were living. With the pass of the time, we can see a change in the lyrics: from theologycal thruths into commercial hits. And all this idea of the Nature of God is no longer the main point to be focused. Then, every theologycal  school (right or wrong) has its own songs with lyrics (statements) raised from those ideas.  But nowadays, we are facing a different time: We are going back to our roots, to our basics. We are returning to the Scriptures and their endless truths. This is what gives us the spiritual food, and this food contains a strong dose of the understanding of God as those four stages mentioned above, and developed in a exquisite way by Dan Wilt.
We need to remember the nature of God to succed in our primary goal. We as St. Paul,  are in this continuous fight, and the only way to be victorious is to be conscious of our role on this machinery, but also to know and accept God’s gifts such as life, forgiveness, and Salvation.  

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